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After more than 80 years of development, OUC has already developed into a national comprehensive university with strength in Marine Science and Fisheries, which also offers complete courses in Science, Engineering, Agronomy (Fisheries). Medicine ( Pharmaceutics ), Liberal Arts, Management, Law and Economics. In February 2001, the State Ministry of Education, Shandong Provincial government, the State Oceanic Administration and Qingdao Municipal Government reached the agreement to jointly build Ocean University of China into a high-level university, especially world-renowned for its disciplines in Marine Science.

1924 Private Qingdao University

1932 National Shandong University

1959 Shandong College of Oceanography

1988 Ocean University of Qingdao

2002 Ocean University of China


Former Administrators

Duration Presidents
Private Qingdao University

Gao Enhong

National Qingdao University

Yang Zhensheng

National Shangdong University

Zhao Taimou

Ater the Founding of the PRC
Hua Gang、Chao Zhefu、Qu Xiangsheng、Zhang Guozhong、Hua Shan、Wen Shengchang、Shi Shengkeng、Ran Xiangxi、Zeng Fanren、Guan Huashi

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